The magical story of Hoppy the frog............


Once upon a time in an amazing town called Brooklyn, lived a little girl with curly hair named MaryAnn.  MaryAnn was a very smart little girl who loved reading, music and learning new things. She also loved playing outside everyday with her friends until her mommy called her in for bedtime.

One day when MaryAnn was five years old, she decided that she wanted to go on an adventure.  She took her pink bicycle (the one with the training wheels) and rode to the little pond around the corner.  She was looking for a new friend.

When she got to the pond she saw lots of ducks and other birds and cute little fish swimming around too!  She came back everyday to see her new friends.  Until one day...........

The cute little fish had legs!  She had never seen such a thing.  She rode home on her bike and asked her mommy what happened.  Her mommy told her, "Your little fish are tadpoles".

MaryAnn laughed and said, "Mommy, what in the world is a tadpole?"  Her mommy grabbed the keys, and the drove straight to the library.  (There were no computers back then--ha ha)

MaryAnn learned that her tadpole friends would eventually turn into frogs, and she thought that was the most magical thing she had ever heard!  She rode her bike to the pond every day and waited for that day to come...................

It was getting colder in Brooklyn and with the cold weather came the start of school.  

MaryAnn was starting Kindergarten!  She was so excited to learn new things and to meet her teacher, and she became so busy that she couldn't ride to the pond everyday anymore.

When she finally went back all of her friends were gone!  MaryAnn was so sad!

The start of school in September was also the time of MaryAnn's birthday!  

"Blow out your candles and make a wish," MaryAnn's mommy said.  All MaryAnn could think of was how she wished to see her friends again. In her mind she wished "I wish I could see my froggy friend, and I wish that he could talk to me!"  

"I really hope my wish comes true!" MaryAnn said.

The next day at school, MaryAnn could hardly concentrate.  She was really hoping that her special birthday wish would come true!  All of a sudden she heard a Ribbit outside her classroom window.  "RIBBIT....RIBBIT....RIBBIT"   She looked out and saw the cutest, greenest, fattest frog she had ever seen.  She couldn't wait to go outside during recess!

When the bell rang for recess, MaryAnn ran straight to the spot outside of her classroom window where she saw the frog during class.  She approached the window slowly, and there he was!  

"Hi, cute little froggy," MaryAnn said in a little voice.

"Hello MaryAnn," said the frog in a deep, deep voice.

MaryAnn stood there with her eyes wide open.  "You......Can......Talk???" she said.

"Well, that was your wish, wasn't it?!" said the frog.  "My name is Hoppy, and I'm so happy to finally meet you.  I was waiting for you everyday at the little pond, but you never came back."

"I'm so sorry I didn't come everyday.  It got cold, and school was starting. I am so happy that my wish came true.  Do you want to be friends?"

"I'd be HOPPY to be your friend" said Hoppy.

The bell rang, and it was time to go back into school.  The new friends agreed to meet again the next day.

MaryAnn and Hoppy spent many years together keeping their friendship a special secret.  Hoppy was there for her graduations, birthdays, and all the important times in her life.

When MaryAnn got older she got married and moved away from the pond.  She had to leave Hoppy behind where she knew he would have the best life.  The two friends said a sad goodbye.

Years later, MaryAnn followed her dream and opened a preschool in New Jersey.  Because of the special friendship she had with her friend Hoppy, she decided to name her little school Hop To It.  She also loved the idea of children starting in her school as little Tadpoles and graduating as Frogs just as Hoppy started as a tadpole and grew into a frog.  Both children and frogs go through amazing transformations!

On the first day of school at Hop To It the children were all getting settled in, and suddenly MaryAnn (now Miss MaryAnn to all of the children) heard screams coming from the bathroom in the back.  On the floor right next to the potty was the cutest, greenest, fattest frog that she had seen many years before.  It was Hoppy!  He hopped all the way to New Jersey!

"I couldn't stay away from my friend.  I hopped here because I knew in my heart that you would have a home for me, and this is even better than I hoped for!"  

Miss MaryAnn invited Hoppy in to be the school's mascot, and he moved into a special tank at Hop To It where he still lives even today!

Miss MaryAnn made a promise to Hoppy that he would always have a special home with her at Hop To It, and Miss MaryAnn also makes that promise every year to all of the special children that come to school there too!  When you come to Hop To It you enter a magical place where you learn, grow, and find a safe and hoppy place for life.  

Welcome to the school where wishes come true

and where the "hoppiest" memories are made!